Paco Seco is a true ambassador of the Spanish Guitar. He is an accomplished composer, performer and teacher with more than 25 years of experience of teaching and sharing his passion for what he does. He has played many different roles as both soloist and performing in a variety of his own musical ensembles ranging from formal classical, orchestral, Sephardic, flamenco and ethnic. He has toured extensively and produced more than twelve albums.  

Paco has taught masterclasses throughout Europe to students from all over the world at prestigious guitar festivals. He has worked as a classical guitar teacher in both Spain and Portugal and taught in music schools, academies, colleges and institutes.  

Individual classes with Paco Seco are highly nutritious. Fully adapted to the level and requirements of each student. They are an opportunity to build a solid base through correct practice techniques and the avoidance of bad habits. Focus on developing your technique and establishing your own tone. Structured lessons are important because a great lesson program will help you improve quickly and consistently.

An accomplished guitar teacher will teach you how to practice, what to learn first, and where you need to improve.  The learning curve for guitar is steep and many students give up before they begin to have fun.  Lessons with a teacher provide you with a structure and guide you through all the information helping you to progress much faster.

Paco is honest, direct and enthusiastic with his students, he challenges them to cultivate great technique and inspires them to express themselves through the medium of the guitar. He brings patience, humor and a wealth of experience to the class.



  1. Body posture in relation to the guitar. How we sit and how it influences our play.
  2. Your sound. The position and attack of the fingers of both hands.
  3. Warm-up, technique and daily discipline.
  4. Guitar studies and fragment work.
  5. Emotional play, concentrated play.
  6. The rhythm and how to flow with it.
  7. Musical phrasing, express what you want to say through your play.
  8. Music and own musical taste. The horizon of our ears.


  • Classical guitarists of all levels, technical work, repertoire, study plan and daily discipline, flamenco techniques for Spanish music.
  • Flamenco guitarists amateur nivel interested in expanding their technique, purifying technique falsetas and basic styles, daily discipline, musical and formal contributions of the classical guitar.
  • Students of musical schools or conservatories. Support classes and exam preparation.
  • Beginners wanting to improve their way of playing the guitar.
  • People of all ages who want to start playing the guitar.


Morning or afternoon, to be agreed with the student




1 hour 60€

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