guitarist & composer

Paco Seco is a guitarist and an open, versatile and creative musician. His music is a result of much self-discipline and knowledge.  Through discovery and adventure he has reinterpreted his experiences into music accentuating his southern Spanish spirit.

He has developed a unique style of playing the guitar, an unusual blend between the clean cut sound of classical and deep-rooted flamenco guitar.  Consequently his compositions once played  are versatile and evoke fresh nuances, rhythms, cadences and strummings, closer to jazz than flamenco.  These diverse harmonies shape his personal playing style and therefore the music.  

His concerts are full of evocation, enigma, generosity and soul.

His music has taken him to the London Guitar Festival, Genoa Mediterranean Music Festival, Omis Guitar Festival, Sarajevo Sevdah Festival, Brno Guitar Festival, Buitengewoon Festival Doetinchem, Fiuggi Guitar Festival, San Remo International Guitar Festival, Tangier´s Music Fête, Beem Cultural Centre of Lisbon, The Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid, International Festival of Music, & Dance of Granada, Elk Music Festival, the Royal Alcazar of Sevilla…

He has played in Croacia, Poland, Bosnia, Czech Republic, India, Morocco, Netherlands, Russia, England, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain…

Paco Seco

Up until now he has recorded twelve CD´s, mostly self-produced, with styles from baroque to contemporary, including jazz influenced melodies and world music.

He won the IV Young Creation Contest, with which he represented Sevilla in the Lisbon 94 European Biennial show for young musicians.  He was later invited as a young composer for the Workshop in Sarajevo 99, where together with musicians from several different countries, created new music for the Biennale de Giovanni 2000 in Rome.

He has composed music for video creations, short films, dance and theatre. For three seasons between 2006 and 2009 he worked for ‘Producciones Imperdibles’, where he composed original music for their numerous theatre and dance shows.

He was a student of “Chico de Melchor”, his first teacher, with whom he learnt traditional flamenco and a love of the guitar. A promising classical guitar student with Emilio Carrión as teacher, he later developed with teachers like David Russell, Abel Carlevaro, Leo Brouwer, José Tomas and Roland Dyens. His teachers of flamenco guitar were Rafael Riqueni, Andrés Batista and Paco Serrano.

Manager of the cultural space Ronda Guitar House, dedicated to the culture and Spanish guitar and is the artistic director of the International Ronda Guitar Festival.

Paco Seco plays a Stephen Hill guitar and is a sponsored RC artist who works as an ambassador of RC Strings on a global scale.